Register SSPN-i Plus (How to’s)

Registering new SSPN-i Plus account is very easy. You did not have to take queue number at the PTPTN counter anymore. Online Register SSPN-i Plus can be done at any time including during public holidays. You can even use your mobile phone.

What is step by step to register SSPN-i Plus Online?

Please go through instructions below:

How to register sspn i plus account step 1

Step 1: Open website, click account opening.

Point your web browser to Online SSPN-i Plus website and locate the link (Pembukaan Akaun).

The website only offering Malay version at the moment.

register sspn i plus account step 2: complete our personal details

Step 2: Enter the account detail.

SSPN uses concept depositor and beneficiary.

Fill in parent personal details as depositor while children personal info as beneficiary.


Step 3 register sspn i plus choose your package

Step 3: Choose SSPN-i Plus package.

There are 6 different packages. If you are unsure which package is best for you? Please read Analisa Ringkas Pakej SSPN-i Plus .

Lengkapkan maklumat peribadi

Step 4: Complete personal details.

Fill all the form fields as instructed.

Step 5: Enter the initial deposit amount.


Step 6: Choose monthly deduction.


Step 7: Click the button to proceed (Seterusnya).

Step 8: Accept the “akad”.

Please verify all your information are correct.

To indicate that you have understand and agree to the contract terms and condition tick the checkbox inside “Akad” section.

Step 9: Make payment for the first time.

You can choose your favorite online payment processor to make payment.

Choose FPX for online banking or there are options for Visa/MasterCard Debit/Credit.

Step 10: View Register SSPN Receipt

Click “Papar Resit” to view your receipt.

Step 11: View e-Cover Note

e-Cover Note is general document indicating how much your contribution and all takaful benefits.


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